Kamiltube, your best alternative for watch online videos without the closedsource application Macromedia Flash.

Whats on 0.7.3 Stable support for Youtube and NicoVideo. Unstable with Godtube, Break.com, dailymotion and youporn, without use Macromedia Flash. For Linux and OSX only. Stable version.

Whats new on 0.7.4a Better support for Youtube, Youporn, Dailymotion and NicoVideo. Unstable application, because had a lot of changes and improvements! New TCL/TK GUI.


Actually is supporting Youtube and NicoVideo, i hope support more websites with the time.

Download Kamiltube 0.7.3 Stable Now!!

Download Kamiltube 0.7.4 Alpha Now!!


Download Kamiltube 0.7.4 Alpha for Python3 Now!!

You will need:

- Python 2.5 or superior: Base

- Mplayer 1.0-rc1. If someone needs other, ask me.


- PyQt4: For Qt4 GUI

- Python build with TK: For TCL/TK GUI


Svn,bugs, wishs and others here please.


Version 0.7.3 -> Version 0.7.4a [31/07/09]

- New gui, now you can choose qt4 or tk gui!

- Improved login with nicovideo, now if detect a closed session, will create a new one.

- Two versions, for Python2.5 and Python3

- New commands, a new --help will show you the improved commands

- New algorithms for easy implementation for GUI, a GTK gui should not be hard.

- New protections algorithms, fixed from 0.7.3, not too dirty now

- A better handle on Mplayer, is now really dirty! A new algorithm based on thread should be used now.

- GUI will not run by default, because are alternative and i will not force you to use one. You can start kamiltube with -tk or -qt4 instead

Version 0.7.3 Beta 2 -> Version 0.7.3 [09/07/09]

- Kamlib is now called methods and weblib, a big library was ugly.

- Now is more friendly on shell, added kamiltube --help for new additions!

- Fixes on youtube and nicovideo, now you can open embedded youtube link videos

- Protection for CTRL+C on shell, on the next beta will be improved (is dirty!)

Version 0.7.3 Beta -> Version 0.7.3 Beta 2 [15/05/09]

- Kamlib commented and transformed to library, import it to your apps!

- Kamiltube optimized.

- Not using MozillaCookieJar on kamiltube.py

Version 0.7.2 -> Version 0.7.3 Alpha [27/11/08]

- Is a new and more optimal code!

- Fixed a bug with youtube

- Now supporting VLC

- Now supporting OSX

Version 0.7.1 -> Version 0.7.2 [28/10/08]

- Fixed a strange bug with NicoTube

Version 0.7 -> Version 0.7.1 [26/10/08]

- Fixed some bugs

Version 0.6 -> Version 0.7 [24/10/08]

- Now supports Nico Video

Knows bugs of 0.7

- Logging into Nico Video you will be disconnected from web, i recommend it another account for Kamiltube, because Nico Video is not friend of multilogins

Some screenshots:

Youtube Screenshot

NicoVideo Asking Email Screenshot

NicoVideo Asking Password Screenshot

NicoVideo Screenshot

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